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The most frequent diagnosis for premature screw element failure is: the use of non-original oil!

The right nutrients make a healthy drink

Lubricants are essential to the functioning of your compressor. But not just any kind will do. Our lubricants are a case example of how using original products will save you money and increase your productivity. Not just a little, but substantially.


Our original lubricants guarantee:

  • Maximum performance
  • Minimal wear
  • Increased compressor reliability
  • Maximal air release through oil additives:
    • Less vibration and noise
    • High lubrication efficiency
    • Optimal corrosion protection
  • Substantially lower maintenance cost
  • Higher operating efficiency
  • Longer lifetime of each lubricated part
  • Low oil carryover

The right lubricant ensures the best performance
Our lubricants truly off er extra value for money. A complete portfolio ensures we have the right lubricant for all applications and working conditions