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Get rid of many hidden costs. We off er the service kits that save you money and maintenance time.

Getting more for less


You wouldn’t go to the supermarket to buy a single orange. Instead, it is far more effi cient to purchase a range of products that will satisfy several of your needs.

Similarly, service kits come as packages that make service easier and more cost-eff ective. On top of that, these service kits are less expensive than single pieces.

  • 100 % assurance of high-quality components
  • One kit for all maintenance requirements
  • Lower price: 5-10 % less than separate parts

Increased logistic efficiency

  • Easy inventory, as combined part numbering increases administrative efficiency Lower internal warehouse cost
  • Never miss parts for the service job
  • Never pick the wrong parts from the stock

Combined maintenance

  • Less downtime
  • Lower service costs